Benefits of a Wool Rug



Nothing beats the feeling of sinking your feet into a beautiful wool rug. As the strongest and most resilient natural fibre, wool is very durable and can even save money as carpets won’t need replacing as often.

Wool can be used to liven up spaces with areas of colour, pattern and texture as well as adding extra warmth and comfort, especially as the nights get cooler.

There are many other benefits of a wool rug. Explore more below:

1. Comfort

There’s nothing more luxurious than a wool rug. As a natural insulator, wool is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, making homes cosier and more comfortable as well as reducing heating bills. By absorbing and realising moisture as needed, a wool rug can help to moderate the temperature and humidity in the home up to 10 time more than hardwood floors.

2. Sound Insulation

Wool rugs are sound reducing and can help to reduce the transition of noise from room to room. The soft pile cushions the impact of footsteps or furniture movement by absorbing and muffling sounds.

3. Strength and Resistance

Wool looks better for longer. Springy like fibres can be stretched and returned to their natural shape which means wool rugs show very little signs of wear and tear and can last for many years. As wool rugs age gracefully, you will quickly recoup any investment you’ve made.

4. Easy to care for

Wool contains natural oils and is 30% more stain resistant then synthetic fibres. The structure of wool means that spills don’t absorb as quickly and can be easily blotted. For more information on caring for your wool rug, please see our care guide.

5. Environmentally friendly

Wool is 100% natural and fully sustainable fibre. As a renewable fibre, the fleece grows yearly and is removed from sheep in the summer months. The amount of energy it takes to produce wool is a lot lower than that used in the production of synthetic fibres such as Nylon.

The best way to understand the benefits of a wool rug is to experience it yourself. We have a huge selection of wool rugs available from our beautiful Moorish collection to the bright Illusion range. To find your nearest stockist, please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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