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JUNE, 2017

You’ve spent many a painstaking hour searching for your perfect Flair rug, and finally you’ve nailed down a choice from the vast portfolio. The hard work is done!

The great news is that all our rugs are simple to care for, so once down there’s no complex maintenance. Whether wool, polyester or polypropylene fibre, you can keep your underfoot pride and joy looking its best by following these simple tips.

Stopping at source

Stopping debris at source is the best way to prevent it finding its way onto your rug! We recommend employing sufficient entrance matting so that guests can wipe their shoes before entering the home. It sounds simple, but it’s an often-neglected aspect of home ownership, and one that can prevent nasty surprises from being ground into your Flair rug.

Natural Living Seagrass rug


Vacuuming is our next port of call, admittedly not the most exciting of subjects but from time to time our rugs will require more than a simple shaking out. Aim to vacuum your Flair rug once a week, possibly more if in a high traffic area like a hallway, ensuring you vacuum both vertically and horizontally to attack all angles of the rug’s fibre. This should help to pick up any awkward debris, for instance pet hairs.

When disaster does strike, it is recommended to act as quickly as possible; after all, the longer a spillage is left on the surface of your rug, the greater potential there is to stain.

Acting Fast

If the spillage is left for too long, you could require the help of a professional service, and based on experience this will not be a cheap job! If your rug will be laid in a space with high potential for stains (eg. a child’s room or dining room), we recommend choosing from our polypropylene range. This fibre boasts added stain resistance, so ideal for areas of this type.

How to attack stains

Quick action can often prevent staining, but this can’t always be the case. If you’ve removed excess moisture and there’s still marking, carefully blot using paper towels and tap water in an attempt to reduce the stain. A word of warning: the myth of removing red wine using white wine is exactly that – a myth! Equally, fairy liquid should be avoided, as stains can reappear once residue has subsided. WoolSafe’s Carpet Cleaning App is a good point of call.

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