Flair Sugs Sommer collection

There’s nothing quite like a rug to lift an interior scheme, and in its latest additions Flair Rugs has introduced the ultimate spring design for homes up and down the land. In Sommer, homeowners are gaining watercolour print at its very best.

Azalea, Aster and Freesia make up this painterly trio, these breezy designs produced using the finest polyester for that trademark Flair feel. Super soft with a subtle shimmer, there’s something a bit special about the latest to emerge from the Flair think tank.

But how can we elevate our spring schemes? Rugs are important, but we need to think a little harder if the rest of the look is to hit the same dizzying heights. Walls are central to most schemes so it’s time to don the overalls and look to our friends at Dulux, Crown, or if you’re feeling a bit explorative this design season, Farrow & Ball.

Dulux paint - greys

It’s time to pull our rooms from the winter doldrums, creating an airy ambiance with hues at the lighter end of the colour spectrum. Creams have been replaced with greys and silvers this year, so why not check out Dulux’s palette above? If you’re feeling brave you could even try chrome, or if going for colour use pastel tones akin to those found in Sommer. Avoid overpowering the scheme, testing paint in various lights as you go.

From here, find fabrics that complement rather than compete with your latest choice from Flair. As uplifting pieces, it makes sense to choose uplifting curtains, throws and cushions to join Sommer in your home, with varying textures adding extra design interest in subtle fashion. While we’re on the subject of curtains, opt for lighter weighted materials. It’s time to be rid of those heavy dust gatherers; control rather than block the light.

Follow our design tidbits this spring and watch your scheme come to life before your very eyes. Sommer is bound to steal the show, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore other aspects!

Sommer Rug Collection

Explore the Flair Rugs collection here.


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