At Flair we are passionate about creating beautifully crafted rugs using the best manufacturing techniques available. That’s why we can ensure your rugs are the sparkling the moment they pass through your front door.

You’ll want to keep your rug as pristine as the day it arrived for as long as you can. So here are some tips on how best to care for your Flair rug:

On Arrival

When your rug arrives it is likely to be wrapped. Take care when opening the wrapping, it’s sometimes easy to slash away with a pair of scissors or Stanley knife and forget the blade is going through the wrapping.
Always pull the wrapping away from the rug and carefully remove the wrapping.


On the very rare occasions that your rug retains some of curls from the wrapping in transit, don’t despair. Most rugs will flatten out within a day or two. Just take care around those corners in the meantime.

Different styles, different care

With such a huge range of rugs available from Flair Rugs, caring for each and every rug is a big undertaking. All our Flair Rugs come with manufacturer instructions, so consult these first, but these general rug care instructions need to be adapted for each different type of rug.

In general all rugs benefit from regular vacuuming, this lifts the fibres and pile. If you wish, put on some funky tunes, it will make the job go quicker.

Here are just a few care tips for specific rug types:

Shaggy Rugs

It is always a good idea to shake your rug to loosen any hidden dust, dirt or loose fibres before vacuuming.
Use the lowest suction setting on your vacuum; this will prevent damaging the fibres of the rug. It is also best to remove any brush/beater bar attachments before vacuuming.

Natural Fibre / Loop Pile Rugs

Take care when using your vacuum on loop pile rugs. Use suction only setting, not deep pile brushes and work across the rug in a smooth motion. If you aren’t able to remove the beater bar from your vacuum, use the highest setting for the brushes so the vacuum just skims the surface of the rug.

Machine-Made Rugs

Cleaning machine made rugs is easier, and you are often able to use your vacuum on your standard settings. It is a good idea to turn these rugs over occasionally and vacuum the underside of the rug. This helps to loosen any dirt that may have found its way deep into the fibres.

Spills, Thrills and Stains

Dealing with spills and stains on rugs is very similar to the way you should deal with them on carpets.

• Heavy spills should be removed as soon as possible using a flat knife or spatula. Take care to try and remove the whole spill without pushing it down into the pile.
• Spot test any cleaning products first carefully to ensure it won’t ruin your rugs colour and fibres. Check carefully any rug care products to make sure they are compatible with the fibres and style of your rug before cleaning any spills/stains.
• Always blot the area of a spill or stain rather than rubbing. As with carpet care, blotting with paper towel or dry cloth will prevent the stain spreading and further damage. After you’ve cleaned the affected area, brush the pile back into place in direction that matches the rest of the rug.

Prevention is the best cleaner

Prevention is the best way to give your Flair rug the care it needs over a lifetime of use. So here’s a few tips for long-term rug care:

• Always check the manufacturer care instructions and follow the guidelines
• Use a non-slip underlay or fasteners for your rug. This will prevent any trips and spills that could occur from a moving rug.
• Have a ‘no shoes’ policy inside your house. This will prevent heavy wearing on not only your rug, but also your carpets and hardfloors. Keep an area near your entrance doors for shoes and boots.
• Use heavy duty mats or even carpet off cuts by entrance doors for clean shoes and to create a dirt barrier.
• Never put a rug down on a wet or damp floor. Also remove or cover your rug thoroughly if you are decorating a room or moving furniture around.
• Turn your rug occasionally to prevent traffic and sunlight exposure becoming too worn-in
• Purchase a very good quality rug, even a small difference in cost can have a huge effect on the lifetime length of a rug. Buy from quality, ethical manufacturers.

At Flair Rugs we love our rugs and we make them to last as long as you need them. With a little bit of care your rug can still be looking as good years after the day you gave it a home.

Do you have favourite rug care tips? Let us know below…