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How to choose a rug size

How to choose a rug size


Choosing the perfect rug for a home setting is not always a simple process. Too often we’re taken in by the look and feel of a rug, only to ignore a factor that has huge impact on the overall scheme: size.

In general, if you believe a rug to be too small for your room, it probably is! Don’t give in just because a particular size is on sale; if it’s too small, it’s too small, and there’s a danger it will be swallowed up by the room and actually detract from the look you’re attempting to create.

As a rule of thumb, Flair’s 120 x 170cm rug size is a great option for most two-seater sofas, while 160 x 230cm is a sound choice for a three-seater counterpart. Just make sure there is plenty of run-off space when furniture and features have been placed on a rug; we recommend 25cm of space at each end to avoid a ‘cramped’ look, but this is only a recommendation so use your intuition here!


From time to time smaller rugs will be required, usually for the more restricted rooms in the home, but when we get to medium and larger rooms we can access the larger rug sizes, and this is where placing chair and sofa legs on the rug becomes viable. Some recommend to keep chair and sofa legs off the fibre, but we think this is subjective depending on room size. Sometimes an overlap is the most natural solution, with furniture used as a transition between the rug and flooring beneath.

If looking to group multiple pieces of furniture in much larger rooms, try Flair’s new extra large size: the magnificent 200 x 290cm. This should be plenty of room to create an island effect, with sofas, chairs and tables all rolled into one. As the size is available in a number of designs and colourways, too, there’s no need to sacrifice looks for this new-found practicality. Of course, interior design is subjective, but follow these rough guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to achieving an incredible living space.


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