Here’s some valuable advice…

It’s time to think of shedding in a whole new light…

Wool rugs shed. They just do. They’re not the only rugs to shed – any natural fibre will lose threads to some degree – but wool rugs are the shedders-in-chief. It’s not a fault. In fact, it’s just the opposite.
A rug that doesn’t shed isn’t wool. So the fact you’re having to vacuum a little more regularly isn’t cause to panic – it’s a sign of quality. Celebrate those natural materials. Revel in the luxury of wool. Yes there’s a bit of extra hoovering involved, but the best things in life always deserve a little more TLC, don’t they?

Why do wool rugs shed?

About 40% of the world’s sheep produce heavy fleeces ideally suited to carpet and rug making. A heavy fleece comprises thousands of long individual threads, which are spun together to form a continuous thread, and then dyed. The longer the original threads, the easier it is to secure them in the rug manufacturing process, so fewer are lost over time.

Shorter fibres are more difficult to secure using modern manufacturing methods and are more likely to break free from the rug base, especially if you’re a little over-enthusiastic with the vacuum cleaner. Choose a better quality rug and the shedding is less likely to last.

Minimising shedding

Some will tell you to limit shredding by not walking on your rug. To me, that seems to defeat the object – like preventing your car from using petrol by not driving it. I’d suggest the opposite.
Do use your rug. Lay on it. Roll on it. Do whatever you like on it, as regular use is one of the things that will help clear the loose fibres quickest. Just don’t stomp all over it in shoes or slippers as the soles can cause friction that tears fibres free. In addition, follow these tips:

1. Take your rug outside and give it a good shake to prevent a build up of dirt and dust that can clog fibres and contribute to shredding.

2. Avoid vigorous brushing or raking as that will create shredding, not reduce it.

Love your rug

Your dog moults and you don’t love it any less. Wool rugs shed, but they’re still the softest, most comfortable, most luxuriant reward for your feet. Give one a home today.

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