Say Hello to our Rainbow Charity Rug


AUGUST, 2020

We’re saying a big “thank you” to our NHS Frontline workers with our new Rainbow for Heroes Charity Rug

Inspired by the community-spirit seen during the Coronavirus Global Pandemic, Flair were inspired to do what we do best, make a new rug! A rug to say thank you to all the NHS Frontline workers who’ve worked so hard to keep this pandemic under control and look after the sick and vulnerable members of our nation-wide community.  Introducing Rainbow for Heroes, our latest Play Days design, with each sale we’ll donate all our Flair Profits to the NHS Charities Together (registered charity 118569), to give back to those who have helped us get back to a “new normal”.


The Competition

We kicked off the design process with an internal competition for our Flair Colleagues and their families to create a brand new design themed design with one rule… it must include a rainbow. During lock-down rainbows became a symbol of resilience and gratefulness, popping up in windows and on social media as people showed their gratitude for the brilliant work of the NHS. After lots of entries there was one design that made our design team fall in love…



Sophie’s Design

A few weeks after the competition began our panel of judges announced the winner as Sophie Wilson, age 10, who created a playful rainbow emblem with two beaming clouds that couldn’t help but make our design team smile. Sophie was ‘shocked and so pleased to have won the competition and couldn’t wait to see the final rug online’. 

Reimagining the Rainbow

The design team got to work adding the finishing touches to the winning rainbow design ready to send to our vendor, sprinkling a few hearts and stars into the dreamlike design to reflect the message of love and gratitude. With the design perfected the team then chose the composition. They thought Sophie’s fun design was perfect for playrooms and children’s bedrooms so they chose a 100% polypropylene pile, soft enough for tiny toes and durable enough for playtime, so Rainbow for Heroes became part of our growing Kids Collection.

At the End of the Rainbow

As well as seeing her design re-imagined nationwide, budding artist Sophie was also the first to get her feet on the brand new design, and excited was an understatement! “I love the rug because it’s cheerful and joyful and makes me smile, and I hope it makes people smile and reminds them of the rainbows during the unexpected and sad time supporting the NHS”. 

Now the big decision is where should her new rug live?

Get your own Rainbow Rug

All of the Flair profits made from our Rainbow for Heroes rugs will be donated to NHS Charities Together (registered charity 118569) who work hard to support NHS Staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. To show your support and get your own Rainbow for Heroes rug head to our supplier, The Rug Seller, and make a fun, thoughtful addition to your floor.

Head to Instagram and tag us in your Rainbow Rug looks @flairrugs.

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