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Jute, also known as hessian, is a natural fibre from a vegetable plant. This fibre is traditionally spun into course strands which is then hand woven into rugs.

Opting for a jute rug is an affordable way to make a big impact in any room, read on to see why:


Added Texture

Jute rugs add texture to your home, giving a three-dimensional feel to the room while still maintaining a cosy environment. The natural look is classic and practical, and the neutral colour is perfect to coordinate with other decor pieces.  This makes it easy to switch up the style in a room as often (or infrequently) as you choose.

Sustainable Style

Jute is a quickly developing, replaceable fibre, so the creation of jute rugs doesn’t hurt the earth. These practical rugs make incredible options in contrast to more expensive machine-made rugs. They’re recyclable just as biodegradable, which is a reward should you ever choose to change your stylistic layout making them a very environmentally friendly choice!

Home Comfort

A lot of people presume that jute rugs will hurt your feet and think the material is scratchy and uncomfortable, but this isn’t the case. Jute rugs are actually soft and comfy – the woven texture isn’t scratchy at all and it feels really good to walk on! The soft/firm texture provides a comforting feeling under tired feet almost like a gentle foot massage. Bliss!

Keeping It Clean

Everyday dust and dirt is easy to clean from a jute rug.  Jute’s natural fibres are excellent at capturing dirt, dust and debris. The captured dirt works its way through the rug and ends up being conveniently hidden beneath the rug until you are ready to clean. Take the rug outside and shake it thoroughly for cleaning.  You can also vacuum the top of the rug to remove any ‘shedding’ fibres. They are great at absorbing dirt without it showing. Meaning, they always look clean, even when they aren’t.


We love the versatility of jute rugs here at Flair, share how you’ve styled yours by tagging us on Instagram @flairrugs.

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