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We started out as a family and still operate like one today.

Our family values mean we are always working together to improve and deliver the best quality products and services we can.

Our Flair family is the lifeblood of our business and developing and investing in our people means that we all get the chance to shine.

Our People

Alan Cocker

Sales Manager

"We support and appreciate each other here at Flair, it’s what makes it so special. I know you hear all the time that companies are like families, but with Flair you really feel valued for the role you play."

In his spare time, Alan likes outdoor adventures, including wild swimming, mountain biking and walking with his two dogs.

Lorna Smith

Learning and Development Advisor

"I love my experience at Flair I feel like I truly belong here. They have helped me with HR qualifications and an apprenticeship that improved my skills"

Outside of work Lorna loves spending time with her family, especially her son Logan who always keeps her on her toes! They love to explore new places, try new food and meet new people.

Meet the Designer:


Where did your passion for design start?

I’ve always loved design, specifically interiors. I think this came from watching a lot of design and home renovation programmes growing up. I love working with rugs as there is so much variety within the work, you get to work on all different design styles. You can so easily change up the look and feel of a room with just a rug!

I love the natural earthy trends, such as Analogue and Earth. These are all about natural textures with soft colours so when you work with them you get to work with lovely materials such as wool and explore new techniques like the plaited look in Rue Plait.

However, I love the contrast to this with the more pattern heavy maximalist trends where there’s bright or vivid colours popping against a pattern. I also love floral prints, so I like the Dopamine trend with the clash of prints.


Dahlia Loop Traditional. It is the most wonderful traditional rug with so much colour which really modernises it. The loop texture makes it cosy and thick so it’s great for a bedroom but also works beautifully in a lounge.

Living Room

My favourite is the Jubilant Medina rug; I feel you can style this in so many ways. From a more global look with the jute zig zag design to a feminine softer look taken from the natural and white tones in the rug. I love how the tufted wool makes this jute rug a softer feel.


I think washable rugs are fantastic, especially now I have a dog! I love floral designs, so my favourite is the new Alyssa Floral. It has a modern feel and I love the vibrant blue tones in it. I also have a soft spot for the Match Nordic floral as it is one I designed.

It has got to be when we get the samples in, I love seeing my designs as actual rugs – it’s like receiving presents each time and doesn’t get any less exciting! Sometimes things don’t work when they come in and sometimes designs look far better than you could have imagined which is always a great feeling.

I’m really proud of all the new wool products launched in 2023. I think my favourites from this are the Abstract Lozenge and the new Moderno Shard. I’m really proud of the Lozenge design as I think it’s a totally unique rug with a fun shape and wow factor, yet it is still super easy to fit into your home. I love the colours in both designs; they feel really modern and new for this range. For the Moderno Shard I just love the technique. It’s a plain rug but also so much more than that. The new colours make it feel luxurious and you can style it to have a cosy, moody look with instant wow.

It’s so much more than just drawing up a design. I love working with our factories, using their expert knowledge from working and hand making rugs for so long; I am constantly learning things from them which leads to us making new and exciting rugs. I don’t think I will ever stop being excited when a product comes in. It’s always so exciting to see a design transfer into an actual rug. Another favourite part of my job is looking at trends. We predict our own trends in-house at Flair and we are constantly searching the wider homewares market for new exciting things we can do.

Just go for it! If there is something you are passionate about working on, it will always be an adventure. However, you might not know what you want to work on exactly and that’s fine. I knew I liked homes and interiors, but I never thought there would be jobs in designing rugs, of course there is, and I love it. So, who knows what exciting things you can end up working on.

Want to find out about our current vacancies? Browse the page here.

I’ve recently joined a pottery course in the evenings, which I love. I find it really calming after a busy day, and it’s so nice to make lots of different pots and vases for my home.

I also love walking in the countryside with my puppy, Basil.

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