03 / 02 / 2023

The wonders of wool; our favourite wool rugs this season and beyond

Make your home cosy all year round with the incredible natural qualities of wool. Using wool to keep warm has been a tradition as far back as the Stone Age and we are still using this material to do the same thing today; that’s pretty impressive!

So, what makes wool special? We’re glad you asked.

Wool, as a natural fibre, not only keeps your living space warm but looks and feels great too. Its thick qualities make it a wonderful insulator meaning it’s easier to keep your rooms warm, especially during the colder months. Wool rugs are said to keep in the heat of a room ten times more than hardwood floors. This can also help to reduce heating costs too – now that’s a bonus!

Wool rugs also have the benefit of being durable and easy to care for. Pure wool rugs tend to last longer than synthetic fibres and keep their original shape for years to come, making them a wonderful investment in your home. These sturdy rugs are also naturally more stain resistant than synthetic fibre rugs, meaning it’s much easier to clean away spills and marks.

As we all become more eco-conscious in our day-to-day lives, wool rugs provide natural fibres, making them a more sustainable choice for your home.

When it comes to style, many of us have a traditional idea of what designs and colours can be achieved with wool rugs, but here at Flair we want to show you that wool rugs can also be modern and innovative; no compromises here! Using a variety of traditional techniques and blending bold colours and shapes, today’s wool rugs can help you create anything from a calming, elegant and understated backdrop to a dramatic and eye-catching statement piece.


With all the warmth of a pure wool rug, Lozenge is a great example of our more abstract and modern designs that can make your rug a statement piece. Its warm colours and texture mean it’s a beautiful centrepiece for a living room, and its curves bring a comfortable feel too.


What could be cosier in sustainable, natural wool that a knitted rug? Handcrafted with great care, our Rue wool rug brings a soft and tactile element to any room. With its thick and insulating borders and neutral colourways, it can be placed anywhere around your home to make it cosy and inviting.

Zen Garden

A wool bestseller that never gets old, is our Zen Garden collection. Thoughtfully designed in shapes and swirls that represent the making of a garden, these 100% wool rugs come in a selection of beautiful colours to suit every style. From vibrant yellows to cooler tones of grey, bring warmth and finesse to your home with these pure wool rugs.


Create a dramatic and luxurious statement with Shard – where the traditional quality and techniques of wool meet on-trend geometric design. Shard blends contemporary colours with a cut and loop pile to highlight its beautiful texture and design.

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